1. Excerpt. How Big Is Your Boat?


  2. Don’t skin me.


  3. Buon compleanno Elena!


  4. I either didn’t know about this or just completely forgot about this. There is a little exhibition in Herefordshire for a bit!


    In H-NEWS magazine. Alongside jamietobinillustration


  5. Sorry I haven’t posted in so long! I have been working at Edinburgh Fringe for a good couple of weeks now and I have about triple the amounts of weeks to go! This is the only drawing I have been able to do and it’s not even snazzy! Apologies again!


  6. Le Tigre! Chomp and chew through! Getting busy again!


  7. Quick quick pub scrawl!


  8. This was my degree show board showing stuff I did an age ago! The man is friendly! He says hi!


  9. Jack Jack!


  10. First character drawing for a little book I am making! Hope everyone is good! It’s going to be a short story called Linen - it’s about childhood and naivety!


  11. You might see this guy around a bit more! PiƱata!


  12. Life drawing in the blister sun!


  13. A plane in the sky!


  14. Sorry I’ve been away so long! I have been busy doing other things! But I’m back now! I finished uni for good! I got a first! Which I still can’t believe! Wet Hot Beef!


  15. Yeh Aliens!

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