1. My forsaken nun!


  2. Found this on a skragy piece of paper, it’s got food stains all on it!


  3. Found these things from a couple of months ago. They were free give away things at a little launch for a publication I did the cover for!


  4. skaweeerureeweeert asked: hey hey what kind of markers did you use on those sweet little cut out dudes?

    I didn’t use any markers man! They are just pencil and some really old gamy watercolours! 


  5. I made these cut out peeps the other day. They’re not going to get used for anything I don’t think though!


  6. My brush pen is drying out! Back into the box it goes! Cant afford any more ink!


  7. I made these to give out about 10 minutes ago! Risograph! my new love!


  8. Some old characters from Peppered Seas!


  9. A quick little strip I did yesterday in a pub garden on a glorious warm eve!


  10. Xposed Club was trip, trip, trippy! Could not draw! The fever took me!


  11. Man, man, Hungarian man.


  12. Here is that man from that book I am working on! Here he is ill and running away! I’m sick too… sick of this guy! Hope everyone is terrific!


  13. Workhouses. Sad Times.


  14. Don’t bite the hand that feeds! Lizard Dogs is being changed to just Lizard now! This is a rough poster that I’ve just done for the next issue! Its bigger and better! Can you guess what its to be about!?


  15. Into the thicket of printmaking today.

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