1. Le Tigre! Chomp and chew through! Getting busy again!


  2. Quick quick pub scrawl!


  3. This was my degree show board showing stuff I did an age ago! The man is friendly! He says hi!


  4. Jack Jack!


  5. First character drawing for a little book I am making! Hope everyone is good! It’s going to be a short story called Linen - it’s about childhood and naivety!


  6. You might see this guy around a bit more! PiƱata!


  7. Life drawing in the blister sun!


  8. A plane in the sky!


  9. Sorry I’ve been away so long! I have been busy doing other things! But I’m back now! I finished uni for good! I got a first! Which I still can’t believe! Wet Hot Beef!


  10. Yeh Aliens!


  11. On some night when silence is waging dispute.


  12. Oh baby life’s a drag!


  13. Just printed a couple of hundred on the risograph machine! Seriously sick of red and black!


  14. Sorry I haven’t put anything up in what feels like forever. I have been busy cheese rolling and being in plays! This is something my mum is hosting at her house and this is the ticket for it.


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